Workshop: Japanese Gels

Japanese gel: a revolutionary way of doing nails or just another fading trend? Japanese gel is here to stay. And frankly, we have been playing catchup.

Since the explosion of gel polish into the U.S. market back in 2009, we were bombarded with a lot of “new” brands of the same gel polish. This left nail stylists like me, who did not want to work with liquid and powder or hard gel, searching for something different and a bit stronger than gel polish. Something that could work across the board with my clients. We needed a nail product (or system of products) that eliminated lifting, intensive prep and lengthy soak-off removals. Enter the wonderful world of soft-potted gel systems.

I want to be clear; soft-potted gel systems (soft gel in pots or jars) are not a newly invented concept in Japan. But, the Japanese market certainly capitalized on it. They essentially made it the standard of manicuring.

For a complete step-by-step application, check out Nailpro's January/February 2022 digital magazine

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