5 Ways You Can Celebrate National Nail Tech Day

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May 30th is National Nail Tech Day!! On behalf of Nailpro, Happy National Nail Tech Day to all the nail technicians out there! There are nearly 200K nail technicians in the United States.* Today is about celebrating and honoring all of the hard work, passion, creativity and precision that nail techs apply to their craft every single day.

As a nail tech and nail salon owner, there are special ways that you can celebrate National Nail Tech Day, as we suggest below. Whatever you choose to do, we want you to know that we appreciate and honor your craft today and always.

1. Thank A Mentor

On your journey as a nail tech, was there someone that helped you get here? Perhaps there was an educator that taught you a technique that you specialize in. Maybe a boss pushed you outside of your comfort zone to achieve success. Take some time today and let them know how they have shaped your career as a nail tech. That short amount of time can make a real difference in their life and perhaps encourage them to inspire someone else.

2. Take A Moment of Self Care

Celebrate yourself today. What can you do today to provide yourself a moment to relax and reflect. Take a nice bath, go out to lunch with a friend, grab a cup of coffee or go for a nice walk. Take that moment to think about what you love about being a nail tech and consider writing it down. Then, when you feel stressed or overwhelmed in the future, revisit that list to get reengaged.

3. Invest In Yourself

Whether you are a new or seasoned nail technician, you should always be seeking education to sharpen and learn new techniques. You can enroll in an online class, or you can take that investment one step further and attend an in-person nail show. At a tradeshow, you can not only network with peers to gain new contacts and collaborators, but you can also attend free/paid education to hone your skills OR enter a nail competition to really push yourself. 

In honor of National Nail Tech Day, The Nailpro Nail Show is offering a discount like never before. With code WORLDTECH you can receive $100 off 2-Day Advanced Education, $75 off 1-day Advanced Education, $30 off 2-Day Expo Only, $20 off 1-Day Expo Only, $50 off in-person Master Challenge

If you can't attend in person, consider entering the first-ever Virtual Master Challenge competition, where nail technicians will have to create their own version of Out of This World Nails. The code WORLDTECH gets you, $25 off the Virtual Master Challenge. Hurry, the code expires at the end of May!

4.  Visit Your Favorite Tech

What better way to celebrate National Nail Tech Day than visiting your favorite nail tech! Yes, we know as a nail tech, you can do your nails yourself, but help support others in this wonderful industry by visiting a talented nail technician in your area.

5. Try Something New

Something we love about the nail industry is that we are always seeing new techniques and takes on nail art. Celebrate the day that honors your craft by trying something new in nails. Maybe you saw a nail design on Instagram you wanted to try or you have always wanted to shape stiletto nails. Whatever it may be, try it! Honor today by getting creative and trying something you have never done before.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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