5 Steps to Rebalancing CND™ Plexigel™

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CND™ Plexigel™ is a brush-in-a-bottle gel nail enhancement system with no pots, tubes, mixing or mess. CND™ Plexigel™ offers three-plus weeks of strength, length and shape with a simple, clean and hygienic application with no wasted product. The most unique feature being the crystal-clear enhancement finish. CND™ Plexigel™ is for nail professionals of all levels, if you can paint, you can apply Plexigel™! The Plexigel™ system consists of four products: Bonder, Builder, Shaper and Top Coat. CND™ Plexigel™ Builder is a clear brush-on gel enhancement that provides strength, architecture and moderate-long length to the natural nail. CND™ Plexigel™ Shaper provides a lightweight crystal-clear layer of protection, surface refinement and strength to natural nails and can be sculpted for short free edge length. The Plexigel™ system provides speed and convenience by cutting rebalancing and filing time in half and takes less than 30 minutes to completely apply.

Come behind the nail desk with CND™ educator and salon owner Kayleigh Cabral to learn how easy it is to rebalance your CND™ Plexigel™. Fill out the form to gain access to a super quick and easy how-to video for the five steps to rebalancing CND™ Plexigel™ AND be entered to win a CND™ Plexigel™ System Kit for your nail salon sponsored by PinkPro Beauty Supply!

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