Nail Art Tutorial: Marbled Pantone Nails

Meegan, a certified nail tech and Educator for Magnetic and artist behind @sheroxxnailz, explains how she created a pretty marbled nail using the two Pantone Colors of the Year for 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

All products and tools used were made by Magnetic:
+ Silver Sparkling Nude Acrylic
+ Matte Glitter Pink Acrylic
+ Magnetic Gel Polish Base/Top
+ Magnetic Gel Polish Baby Blue
+ Handmade (by me) 3-D acrylic bows with Silver Sparkling Nude acrylic and Neon Blue mixed with extreme white acrylic
+ AB Swarovski crystals
+ Magnetic Sensi acrylic brush
+ Magnetic striper brush
+ Magnetic gel resin

She Roxx Marble Watermarked Step 1 copy(1)
Step 1: Apply enhancements as usual. Here we have chosen to do sculpted almond extensions in acrylic using a silver sparkling nude by Magnetic for the main three fingers that will have the art. We chose a glitter matte pink for the two fingers in the middle, just to add some flare!!

step 2
Step 2: Once you have filed the nail into shape and removed all the dust, apply a thin coat of Magnetic gel polish base/top. Cure for 2 min.

step 3
Step 3: Using your Magnetic Striper brush, dip into your baby blue gel polish and draw your marbled lines. Don’t worry too much about perfect lines, marbled is about imperfection! Do NOT cure.

step 4
Step 4: Dab your gel polish base/top coat into the blank spaces. Be careful not to touch the color. Wait a few seconds and let the gel polish colors marble together.

step 5
Step 5: Once happy with the marbled effect (you may need to get a clean gel brush and wipe away any access clear), cure for 2 min.

Apply a final layer of Magnetic gel polish base/top coat. You can even add some final embellishments like 3-D bows and Swarovski crystals!!

See more from Meegan:

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Twitter: @SheRoxxNailz


Images: Meegan Roxx Nailz of @sheroxxnailz

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