Nail Art Tutorial: How to Sculpt White Acrylic Roses

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Learning how to sculpt flowers as a nail tech isn’t just a fun party trick – it’s also a valuable skill that can help you increase the price of your nail art upgrades. White flowers like these can be added by themselves to everyday nails, or you can do a whole manicure of them for brides on their big days! Here’s how nail artist Jami Dougherty (@jamidnailsbyjami)

Att 1427306893274 Step 11.) Prep nail as usual and apply a white gel polish or Shellac. Jami used CND Shellac in Cream Puff. Apply top coat or top gel and cure according to manufacturer’s directions a LED/UV lamp.

Att 1427306911698 Step 22.) Remove tacky layer and buff off the shine with a fine grit buffer, being careful not to buff off the color. Wipe the nail clean with isopropyl alcohol or nail cleanser to get rid of the dust.

Att 1427306927173 Step 33.) Using white acrylic, pick up a small bead and place it on the nail. Jami is using CND Bright White acrylic.

Att 1427306940416 Step 44.) Wait for the bead to lose most of its shine.


Att 1427306953495 Step 55.) Flatten the bead with the belly of your brush until it creates a fan effect.  If the acrylic bounces back, wait longer for it to set so you can form the petal.

Att 1427306971265 Step 66.) In a circular pattern, repeat this process working from the outside in. Layer the petals over each other to create more depth.

Att 1427306987685 Step 77.) Do this until you have reached the center of the rose and there are no gaps.

Att 1427307002727 Step 88.) Place another small bead next to the previous flower you just created and repeat steps 4-7.

Att 1427307019884 Step 99.) For flowers that are hanging off the nails free edge or sidewalls, flatten and smooth them with your brush to eliminate sharp edges and to maintain the shape of the nail.

Att 1427307034608 Step 1010.) Do this until the entire nail is covered in flowers.

Att 1427307034608 Step 10
Find more of Jami’s work online:

Instagram: @Jamidnailsbyjami

[Images: Jami Dougherty]

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