Nail Art Tutorial: Metallic Blue and Gold Gel

Blue Gold Nails

Nail Art Tutorial: Metallic Blue and Gold Gel

Nail artist Maria Mann of StyleFactory in Dresden, Germany mixed blue and gold for a mani reminiscent of shimmery island waters.

What you’ll need:
* Night blue metallic gel
* Gold Pearl Gel by Touche International
* Blue foil
* Loose gold glitter
* Black stamping polish
* XL Stamping Image Plate D
* High gloss top coat

1.    Prep the nails as usual.

Unbekannt 02.    Apply metallic blue UV gel to some nails and gold UV gel to others as shown. Cure for 4 minutes.
3.    Carefully place the blue transfer foil over the gold nails.

Unbekannt 3 0
4.    Apply builder gel to the metallic blue nails in the areas where you will later place the gold glitter.
5.    Use a fan brush to apply the glitter. Allow it to cure for 2 minutes, then gently wipe away the excess glitter with the brush.
6.    Apply builder gel to the whole nail and cure it for 2 minutes. Wipe away the inhibition layer. Shape and file your nail to the correct shape.


Unbekannt 1 1
7.    Use the black gel and stamping plate to apply the crackled pattern to the nails.Unbekannt 2 0

8.    Apply top gel to the nails and cure them for 4 minutes.
9.    Cleanse the inhibition layer and add cuticle oil.

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[Images: StyleFactory]

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