Nail Art Tutorial: Black and White Negative Space

Final Black White Nails

Nicola Coleman at The Sunshine Studio (@thesunshinestudioltd) in the UK designed these on-trend negative space nails fitting for any special occasion.

Products Used
Products Used:

  • Gelish Arctic White and Black Shadow
  • NSI White Acrylic Powder
  • Black gems from an art supply store
  • Nail Perfect Micro Brush #0000
  • Crystal Nails A3 Acrylic Brush
  • NSI Sand Turtle Soft Buffer

Step 1: Start with an acrylic base in a pale pink shade (NSI Rose Blush).

Step 1 1


Step 2: Apply Gelish Black Shadow to the ring finger and thumb. Apply Gelish Arctic White to the index finger.

Step 2 1


Step 3: Outline the nail in black using a thin brush.

Step 3 1


Step 4: Create French nails as usual, but fill in some of the moons as well.

Step 4 1


Step 5: For the thumbnail, using the micro brush create a V-shape with Gelish Arctic White.

Step 5 0


Step 6: Place gems around the half moon of the middle finger. On the index finger, place a larger gem in the center and place smaller ones around the sides.

Step 6 1
Step 7: Matte the ring finger using the NSI Sand Turtle Soft Buffer, then start to create a 3-D bow with your NSI White Acrylic Powder and your Crystal Nails A3 Brush.

Step 7
Step 8: Done!

Step 8
[Images: Nicola Coleman]

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