Nail Art Tutorial: Black Purse Nails

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Handbags are nice, but nails inspired by a Chanel bag are even better. Try this look out with Jana Duzanec’s step-by-step directions.

1purseStep 1: Prepare and build the nail as usual (with gel or acrylic). With a thin brush and acrylic paint, draw the design as shown. The bow should be on the top and the lines should start where the French should be.

2purseStep 2: With black gel, go over your drawing. Cure it under the UV lamp for approximately 1.5 minute (30 sec for LED). Do not wipe!

3purseStep 3: Press silver foil hard over the nail to achieve the metallic effect.
4purseStep 4: With black gel, create the gridlines in the French. Cure before moving on to the next section; wipe the inhibition layer.

5purseStep 5: With acrylic black paint, fill in the inside of the bow. Add Swarovski crystals.

6purseStep 6: Continue over the whole bow with your paint and add a larger Swarovski crystal.
7purseStep 7: Fill the inside of the shapes on the French with gel or black acrylic. If you use gel, mix a small amount of black gel into clear builder gel and add in clear acrylic dust. This will give it a matte effect.

8purseStep 8: Continue filling these in until finished. If you used gel, cure and wipe the tacky layer. Done!


Find Jana’s work online:

[Images: Jana Duzanec]

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