Nail Art Tutorial: Blue Bling and Foil

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Nail artist Rachel Mouritsen knew just how to give nails a shiny, blinged-out effect while leaving a great deal of the natural nail showing. Click through as she shows how to recreate the look.

Step 1 6885
Step 1: Begin by prepping the nails and applying forms.

Step 2 6895
Step 2: Apply a cover pink acrylic to extend the model’s natural nails, pinching them before they are completely set.

Step 3 6914
Step 3: Next, dab foil glue randomly on each nail without a distinct pattern.

Step 4 6924
Step 4: Press the foils onto the nail, allowing it to stick wherever there is glue.

Step 5 6937
Step 5: To bring out the blue and seal in the design, cap the nails with a layer of clear gel.

Step 6 6945
Step 6: After the nails are cured, she went back in with a file to further shape and refine the nails.

Step 7 6962
Step 7: Time for bling! Pile on different shaped silver and blue rhinestones to the ring fingers of both hands.

[Nails by Rachel Mouritsen]

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