4 Muppet-Inspired Nail Tutorials

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Celebrate the spunk of the new Muppets Most Wanted movie by creating nail designs to match! OPI collaborated with Chalkboard Nails to dream up some fun designs you can create exclusively with the new OPI Muppets Most Wanted collection.

Kermit’s Kollar (or Froggy Collars)
1. Stick a hole punch protector at the base of a clean and prepped nail.
2. Polish on two coats of I Love Applause, leaving the cuticle bare.
3. Make an arc of 5 tiny dots about midway up the nail – you can use a nail art brush or a toothpick for this.
4. With a thin nail art brush, draw 2 lines up from your sticker guide to each dot, creating 5 triangular points.
5. Fill in your triangles.
6. Remove the sticker guides carefully. TIP: Gently pull from one side of your nail to the other; never pull directly up.
7. Finish with top coat.

Kermit <3 Piggy (or Confetti Hearts)
1. Start with a dry I Love Applause mani.
2. Pour out a bit of Gaining Mole-mentum onto a paper plate or piece of tin foil, then pick up the glitter flecks with a toothpick.
3/4. Start placing the glitter flecks on the nail in a heart shape. TIP: Use the centerline of the nail as a guide for the center of the heart.
5. Fill in the heart with more glitter flecks.
6. Finish with top coat.

Interpole ‘Stache
1. Start with a dry Chillin’ Like a Villain mani.
2. Add a coat of Int’l Crime Caper and let dry
3. Layer on Let’s Do Anything We Want glitter. TIP: Dab glitter on to ensure even coverage.
4. With a dotting tool, make two dots of Miss Piggy’s Big Number at the tip of the nail.
5.  Using a thin nail art brush, continue to outline the two sides of a mustache.
6. Fill in the mustache with polish and let dry.
7. Finish with top coat.

Mega Moles
1. Start with a dry Chillin’ Like a Villain mani.
2/3.  Outline circles of Kermit Me to Speak with a thin nail art brush.
4. Fill in the circles and let dry.
5. Finish with top coat.

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[Images: Chalkboard Nails for OPI]

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