Nail Art Tutorial: Modern Striped Nails


Stripes don’t have to be limited to ordinary, evenly spaced horizontal lines! Get creative with different colored streaks and embrace negative space. Follow along as nail artist Ria Lopez shows how she does this manicure.

Photo1 11. On half the nails, draw two lines across in the desired color on the top and bottom.
Photo3 02. Fill in the lines with color on the top and bottom and draw a gold diamond.

Photo5 03. Draw two straight lines across the bottom and top in black over the gold shaped diamond and glue a small gold stud in the center.

Photo2 24. On the other nails, draw two lines in the shape of a “v” on the top and bottom.
Photo4 15. Fill in the v-shaped nail and do a small triangle at the top of the nail with gold.

Photo6 16. Outline the v-shaped nail in black and draw three dashes on the left, middle, and right on the bottom.

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[Images: Ria Lopez]

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