Behind the Scenes of Workshop: Pint-Sized Services

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There’s only one thing our readers love more than the photos we feature in NAILPRO: behind-the-scenes snapshots! In our November 2010 issue, the Pint Sized Services Workshop details how to perform children’s nail services properly. NAILPRO Senior Art Director Patty Quon-Sandberg caught some fun moments on film (or, on a digital memory card) of our model Tiana (also, Patty’s daughter!) and her pamperer-of-the-day Mariel Pizarro, lead esthetician and nail technician at Rob/b OPI Concept Salon in Studio City, California. The wonderful people at Rob/b opened their doors and their nail stations to us for the photo shoot, and it turned out beautifully! (I must say, my favorite part of the salon—aside from the calming atmosphere—are the OPI polish-painted blocks that adorn the walls behind the nail stations. Genius!)

Because we usually host most of our photo shoots in the NAILPRO studios, it was a treat to travel offsite and set up camp at one of our favorite salons. We ran through the shoot in just a few quick hours!


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