Spooning Up Color


Have you ever applied nail polish and it turned out not to be the color you thought it was? The Zoya Color Spoon makes that scenario obsolete. All Zoya lacquer hues are now available as a spoon so you can test the shade before you purchase it. Zoya color is poured from the bottle into a small, nail-shaped well, allowing you to see the true details of the color and hold it up to your nails to determine if you want to purchase it.

“It’s amazing that we will be able to do this for our customers,” says Leo Reyzis, vice president of marketing at Zoya. “There really is nothing else like it in the nail polish market today.”

Each Zoya Color Spoon costs 50 cents and is shipped free of charge. The amount you pay for the spoons is applied to your account so you receive a discount on future orders.

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