Create the Perfect French Manicure With This NEW Launch from Aprés Nail

French Manicure Ombre Global Set V2
French Manicure Ombre Global Set V2
Courtesy of Aprés Nail

Aprés Nail has released The French Manicure Ombre Global Set V2, which includes 45 bottles of the French Manicure Ombre collection!

The Aprés Nail French Manicure Series offers nine sets of five colors, designed to create a beautiful ombre. The set includes: NYC, Rio, Mykonos, Neon, Tokyo, Cairo, Holland, Mumbai and Outback.

Each color in the collection was formulated from a richly pigmented, medium-viscosity gel that offers flawless opacity.

Each bottle comes with an in-bottle Angled Brush-X, made from densely packed PBT bristles and cut into a sharp angle for the perfect French tool. The sharp angled brush allows for easy sweeping around the curves of the perfect French smile line.

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