Technique: Using Premium Nails ManiPedi Elite

Mani Pedi Cover

Thinking about trying a new brand? Here’s a step-by-step guide for applying Premium Nails ManiPedi Elite Matching Gel Polish and Lacquer. »


Mani Pedi Step1 0

Sanitize, push back the cuticles, then prep the natural nail with a buffer.


Mani Pedi Step2

Cleanse the nail with 90% alcohol.

Mani Pedi Step3

Apply a thin layer of Tri-Bond and let dry 20 seconds. A slightly tacky layer will remain. (Optional: only do this for clients that are prone to lifting).

Mani Pedi Step4

Apply one thin layer of Elite DualCoat. Remember to cover/seal the free edge of the nail. If applying on artificial nails, apply Elite Gel Polish directly on the unbuffed artificial nail. Do not apply Elite DualCoat, skip to step 6.

Mani Pedi Step5

Place hand under UV for 90 seconds, LED lamp for 40 seconds.

Mani Pedi Step6

Apply one thin coat of Elite Gel Polish from cuticle to the free edge. Again, remember to cover/seal the free edge of the nail.

Mani Pedi Step7

Place hand under UV/LED light and cure as before. (For darker coverage repeat steps 6 and 7. Darker colors may need longer curing).

Mani Pedi Step8

Apply 1 coat of Elite DualCoat from cuticle to free edge with a thin application.

Mani Pedi Step9

Again, place hand under the UV/LED lights and cure as before. For longer wear time a second coat of Elite DualCoat may be applied.

Mani Pedi Step10

Finally, wipe off the slightly tacky layer with 90% alcohol.

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