Nail Art How To: Orange and Black Light Elegance Nails


The lauded Micaela Wallgren of Svea Naglar has done it again! This talented tech based in Sweden explains how to get a fall-ready orange and black design that fades towards the lunula. See which bright gels she utilized and check out her tutorial.


  • Light Elegance


    Step 1: Start by applying Light Elegance
    over the tip and fading down. Cure.

    Step 2: Apply Light Elegance Textured Orange Glitter Gel. Leave some area of the nail free from glitter. Cure.

    Step 3: Do the same with Light Elegance Copper Penny Glitter Gel. Cure.

    Step 4: Sculpt the nails with Light Elegance 1-Step Gel and cure. Then buff the surface.

    Step 5: Draw thin lines and swirls with Polycolor Black Acrylic Paint. You can also add some dots using a dotting tool.

    Step 6: Apply a layer of Light Elegance Top Gloss. Cure. Finish off with Camilla of Sweden Nail Drops.

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    [Courtesy of Micaela Wallgren of Svea Naglar; product images courtesy of Light Elegance]

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