Nailpro 30 Under 30 Winner Spotlight: Zebrina Lauridsen

Nailpro 30 Under 30 Zebrina Lauridsen
Nailpro 30 Under 30 Zebrina Lauridsen

30 Under 30 Spotlight: Zebrina Lauridsen 

Zebrina Lauridsen (@nailsbyzebrina_oasis) is a Missouri-based nail tech at Oasis Salon and Day Spa.

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Nailpro (NP): Tell me a little bit about yourself! How did you get started, and why did you choose to become a nail tech?

Zebrina Lauridsen (ZL): I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry since I was very young. I would always do my own nails, hair and makeup, along with anyone else’s that would let me! In grade school, I didn’t like textbook subjects. I was more drawn to being artsy & creative. 
Zebrina Lauridsen is one of Nailpro's 30 Under 30 for 2022.Zebrina Lauridsen is one of Nailpro's 30 Under 30 for 2022.

NP: What is the toughest part about your job as a nail technician/nail artist/salon owner?

ZL: The toughest part of being a nail tech is the long hours of leaning over a table. It can be hard on the neck and back. The repetitive motions of filing and buffing can also make your wrists and fingers ache.

NP: What do you love about your job?

ZL: There’s SO much I love about being a nail technician. I love that I get to do mini makeovers all day, and make people feel beautiful when they leave my chair. It honestly doesn’t feel like work to me because I enjoy it so much. I love that some of my clients have become some of my best friends. I also love that I get to play with sparkles everyday! Luckiest girl in the world!

NP: Where do you find inspiration?

ZL: I find a lot of my inspiration from social media platforms and things that are trending.

NP: What is a piece of advice you would give other nail technicians who are just getting started?

ZL: If you are just getting started in the industry, there are a couple things I’d recommend. I think you should never stop learning. The trends and techniques are always changing in this business. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Be a good listener. This helps build trust and relationships with clients. That will keep them coming back. 

NP: What is a tip you have about any technique, service, business, etc.?

ZL: Cap the free edge. Don’t forget to apply your cuticle oil!

NP: What is your favorite nail trend right now? 

ZL: My favorite nail trend right now is abstract nail art. I love that we have creative freedom, and it doesn’t have to be perfect when it comes to this! 
Nails by Zebrina LauridsenNails by Zebrina Lauridsen

NP: What is your favorite service to offer?

ZL: My favorite service to offer is nail art. It’s relaxing, fun and challenging all at the same time. When I’m finished with my work, I think to myself, ‘Wow, I really did that!’

NP: Who is your role model?

ZL: My role model is my mom. She’s the one who my love of art came from, and she’s also the one who taught me how to be an independent woman who works for her goals. I hope I can be at least half the woman she is some day.

NP: What is one of your proudest achievements as a nail tech?

ZL: One of my proudest achievements as a nail tech is returning to work after a fight with cancer. The doctors discovered a tumor in my neck five years ago. I had multiple failed treatments, and it started growing last year. I had two major surgeries in August 2021. They replaced the bone and tumor with a metal cage/rods/screws. So, the fact I’ve bounced back this quickly makes me so proud! Being picked for 30 Under 30 is a huge honor!

NP: What do you love about the nail community/industry?

ZL: It’s always changing. It never gets boring or stagnant. It’s a diverse group of creative minds! I love that we can all get inspiration from one another. 

NP: What are your top goals as a nail tech?

ZL: My top goal as a nail tech is to eventually be fully booked where I don’t have to take on new clients. Also, to eventually have my own business. My five-year-old daughter wants to do cosmetology like mama some day, so a mother daughter business would be an absolute dream!

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