Rosy Salon Software Partners With Tippy for Integrated Tipping Options

Rosy Plus Tippy
Courtesy of Rosy Salon Software x Tippy

Rosy Salon Software has partnered with Tippy to provide faster cashless tip payments to staff.

Tippy is an all-in-one suite of optimized tipping services.

Now integrated with Rosy’s point of sale (POS) software, guests can use Tippy to electronically send tips directly to service providers in the salon or spa. 

“Tippy is the ideal addition to our suite of salon scheduling and management software and RosyPay payment processing solutions,” said Rosy Salon Software president Jason Foodman. “When integrated with Rosy, the tipping solution processes payments through RosyPay and passes any processing fees to the client versus the salon or spa. Clients receive the same low processing rates as the salon, while business owners can step aside and allow their salon clients to tip privately and directly. With Tippy, there’s one less thing for salon owners to think about.”

The complete integration of Tippy with Rosy Salon Software will include iPads and kiosks rolling out in June 2022. Tippy will be available to Rosy and RosyPay users as an add-on service.

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