Suzi Weiss-Fischmann Discusses OPI Infinite Shine ProStay Launch And 2017 Spring Collection

OPI co-founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann sat down with us at Estrella in West Hollywood to discuss the latest news of the iconic brand’s Infinite Shine. Weiss-Fischmann, also known as the First Lady of Nails, gave insight on building your brand as a nail tech in the digital age as well as a trend forecast for Spring 2017.

According to the OPI co-founder and brand ambassador, nail techs can take advantage of the digital realm when it comes to social media and building your brand and your clientele. In particular, Instagram is incredibly powerful and important, and it reaches the Millennial and Gen Z audience that uses social media on a regular basis. Weiss-Fischmann noted their latest brand ambassador, Pyper America Smith, a model and member of The Atomics, who reaches the younger generation through social media. Though OPI stresses the importance of recognizing the younger audience, the company also reinforced that they still cater to its entire audience of all generations.


When discussing the brand of OPI, Weiss-Fischmann explained that Infinite Shine, one of the brand’s three color systems, will be moving forward in the industry. As a complete system, in order to benefit the most by using Infinite Shine, she recommends that techs use the Infinite Shine ProStay primer, color and ProStay top coat. To get the professional, long-lasting results, Weiss-Fischmann emphasized the importance of pairing lacquers with their corresponding primers and top coats. She also mentioned that Infinite Shine will boost the trends in retail, as it can require a higher price in service.

In other news for Infinite Shine, OPI will also be releasing all of their iconic colors, which are available in the OPI lacquers, will be available as an option for Infinite Shine as well as the gel collection. This takes away the decision process of whether or not to do lacquer, Infinite Shine, or gel simply because a color is not available.


Weiss-Fischmann also forecasted the upcoming Spring 2017 trends, predicting that tropical shades of blue (which influenced her Spring 2017 collection) will be incrdibly popular as the weather gets warmer. She also noted that yellow would be a major trend for spring. Pair this bright color neutrals for pedicures and or as an accent to really make nails pop. The Spring 2017 collection, which includes both of these trends as well as colors inspired by Fiji, will release in the first week of February. Quickly following, OPI will also launch a skincare line for hands a feet in March.

When it comes to trends, as Weiss-Fischmann claimed, “Nails are an accessory. All these trends are from nails.”

[Images: Dale Chong]


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