Meet Jasmine Lewis: Nailpro 30 Under 30 Winner for 2023

Get to know Jasmine Lewis (@thenaildripper). She is a 29-year-old nail tech located in a private suite inside of Exclusive Salon in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Get to know Jasmine Lewis (@thenaildripper). She is a 29-year-old nail tech located in a private suite inside of Exclusive Salon in Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Courtesy of Jasmine Lewis

We are spotlighting the winners of Nailpro’s 30 Under 30 competition for 2023, featuring 30 nail artists under 30 years of age.

Get to know Jasmine Lewis (@thenaildripper). She is a 29-year-old nail tech located in a private suite inside of Exclusive Salon in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


Nailpro (NP): What is a fun fact about you? 

Jasmine Lewis (JL): A fun fact about me is that I am an adrenaline junkie. One of my absolute favorite pass-times is going to the gun range. I’m the person to go to the amusement park and ride all of the rides. I’ve also been skydiving, and I am looking forward to doing it again!

NP: How did you get started as a nail tech?

JL: I have always had an interest in nails from my teenage years. As an adult, I’d be the one to always have their nails done. I loved the art of nails and how different things can be put inside of nails. I used to ask my nail tech Emily if she’d offer classes, but she ended up going on maternity leave, and at the time, I’d been going through a really hard time in my personal life. I reached out to Emily to further express my interest in becoming a nail tech, and she sent me a list of things I needed to get and where to get them. I haven’t looked back since. That was August 28, 2018 – the start of my nail journey. I started out of my apartment. Afterwards, I rented a booth inside of a local nail salon and started to really build my clientele from there. After 1 ½ years, I outgrew the booth rental and moved into my first suite in May 2021. I’m looking forward to what’s next along the way.

NP: What do you love about your job?

JL: I love the ability to be creative and network with DAILY. The clients that I have make my day complete. Most of them bring a different vibe, and I enjoy growing with them. I am tremendously BLESSED to be able to do what I love for a living.

NP: Where do you find inspiration?

JL: On a personal level, my inspiration is deeply rooted in my faith in God. The vision of becoming my best self is not only a personal goal but also a spiritual journey guided by my beliefs. Knowing that there's more to come and that God has a plan for me fuels my determination to work hard and embrace the path of continuous growth. This faith-driven inspiration provides a sense of purpose and resilience in the face of challenges. Additionally, it reinforces the idea that my efforts are part of a larger, divine plan. In the realm of work, my inspiration stems from current trends. I also find inspiration in a diverse community of talented nail techs in industry who continually motivate me to perfect my skills and maintain a relentless pursuit of improvement. The realization that I haven't yet reached my desired pinnacle fuels my dedication to becoming one of the best in my industry. This creates a beast in me and is a source of inspiration in my professional journey.

NP: What is a piece of advice you would give other nail technicians who are just getting started?

JL: Perfect your basics! As a beginner, it is easy to want to jump into the latest trends or bling out some nails, but that all comes after perfecting your application, shaping, etc. Practice your craft DAILY. Don’t be discouraged by what you see on Instagram and focus on where you see another nail tech. Remember: “Every dog has his day and every puss has his 9 o’clock” – meaning your time will come. Have a vision, have faith and pray, believe in yourself and work CONSISTENTLY.

NP: What is your favorite nail trend right now?

JL: Anything chrome excites me! I love how a good chrome can take your set from ordinary to extraordinary. I currently use a premium tri-color chrome powder from my growing online nail supply, The Eight28 Collection.

NP: What is your favorite service to offer?

JL: I absolutely loveeeeeee to do acrylic nail freestyles. It gives me room to release my creativity and try new styles.

NP: What is one of your proudest achievements as a nail tech?

JL: One of my proudest achievements as a nail tech is undoubtedly the launch of "The Eight28 Collection," my very own online nail supply business. This venture marked a significant turning point in my career, as I had recently transitioned into being a full-time nail tech and entrepreneur. I've always dreamed of starting my own brand, and with unwavering faith in the potential of a new beginning, I took the first step. I started with a selection of six cover acrylic powders, later expanded into a range of glitter powders and eventually introduced chrome powders, with plans for even more exciting items in the future. While "The Eight28 Collection" is still in its growth phase, I am devoted in my belief that it will flourish into a million-dollar brand, driven by my dedication and commitment to the nail industry.

NP: What do you love about the nail community/industry?

JL: I appreciate the nail community/industry for its endless creativity. It's a space where artists can turn a blank canvas into a work of art and the possibilities are unbelievable. The sense of camaraderie is also refreshing. In most spaces, it's a supportive network where we share tips and experiences. I also love how the industry is always changing – It keeps you sharp and innovative. That keeps me motivated.

NP: What are your top goals as a nail tech?

JL: To be 100% transparent, it is to transition into teaching and eventually opening a beauty school to inspire the next generation of nail techs and beauty professionals. I thoroughly enjoy teaching up-and-coming nail techs how to do nails and start a business properly. I come from a leadership background prior to becoming an entrepreneur, so coaching and building students is second nature to me. To couple that with teaching – my passion – is a level of satisfaction that I cannot wait to achieve.

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