Is It Time to Take Your Salon on Tour?

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With interest rates and property values rising, starting your own nail salon can be an expensive proposition. One way to start to build your business without as much initial start-up cost is by taking your talents on the road!

With a mobile nail salon, you can get your operation off the ground while catering to clients outside of your immediate area. Our guide to owning and operating a mobile nail salon can open you up to new possibilities while answering questions like “What do I need to get going?” and “Where should I look for a suitable vehicle?”

If you’ve ever thought about opening your own salon or are already operating a space but thinking about putting it on wheels, you can click below to access our guide and learn helpful tips on starting and optimizing a mobile salon. Plus, learn how software with features like appointment booking and mobile payments can enable your new venture, making sure you are profitable and giving you more time to come up with that next internet-breaking design!

For more information, click below to access the full guide on owning and operating a mobile salon!



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