How the Beauty Industry Can Support the Black Lives Matter Movement


In the midst of our current climate, we’ve researched and rounded up just a few ways to help end racial injustice and create awareness to be the change we want to see in the world. Here are few call-to-actions we’ve gathered from educators and POC around the world.

1. Donate to Black Lives Matter Organizations


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New York City-based Monday Vibes founder Elizabeth Su rounded up a few ways to help and support the movement. In her latest #blackouttuesday post, she writes, “We are all on a journey of learning and unlearning together. It doesn’t happen overnight.” If you are looking for a place to start, Su lists a handful of educators, leaders and creators to learn from. “Here are a few of many, many worthy organizations to donate:” she writes.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Southern Poverty Law Center
George Floyd Memorial Fund
Black Visions Collective
Campaign Zero
Color of Change
Minnesota Freedom Fund
Know Your Rights Camp
Reclaim the Block
The National Bail Out
Black Lives Matter
Run with Maud
Justice for Breonna
Northstar Health Collective

2. Donate to Black-owned Businesses

Donate to black-owned businesses that have been damaged and destroyed in the midst of riots, protests and looting, like Chicago, Illinois-based Re’Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique owned by Jasmine Clayton.


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3. Educate Yourself


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Mack Sennett Studios compiled a list of 10 movies and television series that can help educate on systemic racism. Thank you to all the directors, actors, studios and crews that bring these stories to life.


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Emmy-nominated Host and actress Monique Coleman shares a conversation with the Be Happy Project jam packed with real time revelations and advice for navigating the challenges we currently face over her IGTV.


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Content creator Karl Shakur shares quick look on how he feels about the current state of affairs and what you can do if you feel lost on how to help on his IGTV.

4. Support Black-owned Businesses


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Toronto-based creative Sarah Mian shares a list of Black creators producing life, style and beauty content. Mian curated the list based on style and interest with a goal to help diversify social feeds with accounts to support long term and to encourage brands to reach out to women on this list for future campaigns.


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Toronto-based nail polish reviewer Candace rounded up 25 black-owned nail polish brands to shop and support.⁣

Write us a note [email protected] with feedback and suggestions on how to better help support the movement.

—by Angelina Lewis

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