Former NFL Player Eric Berry on Launching Medusa

Eric-Berry-Medusa[Medusa founder and NFL pro Eric Berry and parents]It may surprise you to learn that NFL pro Eric Berry is the man behind professional nail product brand Medusa, but the former Kansas City Chiefs safety is committed to meeting nail techs’ and clients’ needs. Launched in early 2019, Medusa offers a comprehensive nail system, which includes more than 125 shades of gel color, eight overlay foundation gels, as well as tools, forms, brushes and lamps. Here, we talked to Berry about why he decided to launch Medusa, how the company is helping nail techs become more successful and what’s next for the brand.

Tell us about your inspiration to launch Medusa.

“As a kid, I was always at the beauty salon with my mom and grandma when I wasn’t on the football field with my friends. I saw the importance of product quality for not only the nail techs, but also the customers, and what it means for the artists to be able to create and innovate. I wanted to be able to bring high-quality products to the table that are accessible to all nail techs. When we were developing the line, I brought my dad with me to Germany, where our products are made, to pick out the initial 125 colors. He has a natural eye for color since he’s a painter. We spent more than 10 hours picking out the shades, but it was worth it!”

What are the differentiating features of the products?

“Medusa gels are control gels, which means the gel won’t move from where you place it. That allows the technician to have full control over the product, not the other way around. Our products are made in precision labs located in Germany using the newest technology and trends. They’re full of vibrant pigment and can be intense in their pure form or custom blended, allowing techs to create many more shades than what’s in our collection. Our products are also nontoxic, vegan, cruelty-free and durable.”

Does Medusa offer any education?

“We have in-person classes twice a month that equip nail techs with the necessary skills to expand their creativity, from the starter tech to the most advanced. We will also be offering online tutorials.”

–by Lotus Abrams


[Images: Courtesy of Eric Berry]

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