Help Your Clients Discover Their Perfect Manicure


Help clients discover their dream manicure with a product match quiz.

Finding the right product for your clients is like setting them up on a blind date: You must understand what qualities they’re looking for before suggesting a possible fit. Set them up with an incompatible match and you have a recipe for disaster. “Much like you would never go back to a tire shop that put the wrong tires on your car, a client is likely to lose trust in you if you keep using products that don’t work for her nails,” warns Gelish dean of education Vu Nguyen.

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Product knowledge and a thorough consultation are key. “As a tech, it’s your job to ask the right questions in order to find out what results your client wants, what kind of lifestyle she leads, etc., and that will help you determine which product will work best for her,” stresses Essie global lead educator Rita Remark.

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Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! We’ve created a simple quiz to share with your clients to help you choose the best product for them— lacquer, gel or dip powder. Plus, we rounded up this season’s must-have shades to get your clients decked out for spring.

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1. What is the current state of your nails?

A. Strong, healthy and long
B. Short and thin
C. Weak, fragile and prone to breakage

2. How often are you willing to visit the salon?

A. Every 1-2 weeks
B. Every 2-3 weeks
C. I’d like to stretch out my visits as long as possible.

3. What kind of nail art do you prefer?

A. Stamping or decals
B. Intricate detail or heavy embellishments
C. Something subtle like ombré or glitter

4. What is your biggest concern when it comes to your nails?

A. A natural look
B. Long-lasting color and shine
C. Durability and strength

5. Do you constantly pick at your nails?

A. Yes, all of the time
B. Never
C. Occasionally, but I usually won’t if I’m wearing enhancements

6. Do you put a lot of stress on your nails?

A. No, I’m careful with my nails
B. Some, I type on the computer all day
C. Yes, my hands play a critical role in my life/job


If you answered mostly As:


Lacquer will provide you with the natural look you want without compromising the integrity of your nails. Plus, the easy removal allows you to change the color as often as you’d like. The best part? Thanks to the latest hybrid formulas, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of gel polish, including mega-watt shine and added durability—sans UV or LED light. “Many lacquers are now formulated with flexible resins that resist chips, providing clients with longer wear than ever before,” enthuses Remark.


If you answered mostly Bs:


Ideal for anyone who travels often or types on the computer all day, gel polish is the middle ground between traditional lacquer and dip enhancements, offering mirrorlike shine, soak-off removal, a thin application and up to two to three weeks of wear, explains LeChat educator Anastasia Totty. What’s more, OPI education manager Sigourney Nuñez insists that it’s the ideal medium for creating nail art, thanks to its high viscosity and pigmentation. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for gel. Clients with weak and/or flexible nails may find that lifting becomes a problem. “And anyone who has their hands in water all day, such as a stylist, dog groomer or waiter, should avoid gel polish, as too much water exposure can cause lifting or peeling,” warns Totty.


If you answered mostly Cs:


Perfect for busy moms or anyone who is rough on their hands, dip powder provides durability, gorgeous color and results that last up to three to four weeks. While application time is relatively short, the removal process takes longer than gel polish, roughly between 15 and 20 minutes. Additionally, failure to maintain enhancements can damage the natural nails. “If the nails get too long or the enhancements grow out, the natural nails can break along the tip or the stress areas near the hyponychium,” warns Remark. For best results, get a fresh set every three weeks to maintain the integrity of your natural nails.

—by Taylor Foley

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