Two Female Entrepreneurs Launch Their USA-made Dip Powders

Co-founders Tiffany Jacobs and Megan Merkosky launched Peppi Gel together to change up the nail game and create a community of nail enthusiasts. Here, we talked details with the dream duo to find out what inspired the launch.


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What inspired you to launch Peppi Gel?

Tiffany Jacobs: Megan—AKA Meggie—and I met through our husbands and quickly became friends. It all began with cooking dinners, traveling and getting our nails done together. The idea of Peppi Gel came to us when we were tired of spending tons of money on gel manicures.

Megan Merkosky: We share an entrepreneurial passion and wanted to create a product that was healthy, easy to use and affordable. Our goal is to empower hardworking women and help them feel beautiful.


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What was your first job in the beauty industry?

TJ: Peppi Gel. I used to work as a flight attendant, then a realtor. I’ve always worked at my own pace, but never seized the moment. With Peppi Gel, that is no longer the case.

MM: Peppi Gel. I’ve worked in jewelry and an insurance company. I decided to dive into this field to impact someone’s life. With Peppi Gel, I’m doing something for myself with meaning in my work—it feels amazing to connect with our consumers.

Are you a licensed nail tech?

TJ: We aren’t nail techs, but are looking to get licensed to offer more education. We know our merchandise inside and out, but licensed would give us more insight into our field. We love to give back to our community and strive to share as much information as possible.


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What sets Peppi Gel apart from other brands?

TJ: Meggie and I strive to create a community of Peppi Babes, individuals who share a love for nails and positivity. We personally engage with our users by demonstrating our product weekly on Facebook Lives, offering giveaways, announcing monthly mystery boxes and more. Unfortunately, one of our Peppi Babes encountered a housefire. To lift her up, our community anonymously sent her Peppi Gel products. It’s the small things that shine.

MM: Since we actively connect with our clientele, we know exactly what products they’re interested in. Customer loyalty is indispensable to us, which is why we strive to uphold a high level of care.


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What advice do you have for nail professionals who want to start their own business or create their own brand of professional products?

TJ: Take time to learn the product and hone your craft. You should always treat your customers with the highest intentions and make the individual feel confident. But most importantly, do this for yourself and not someone else. If you back your passion with good ideas and customer service, the rest will follow.

MM: It’s hard to stand on your own two feet when you start your own business. You have to remember that some days will be amazing, while others will be tough. It’s challenging, but you have to courageously ride the wave. Customers crave something genuine. Let your personality shine through your merchandise.

—by Angelina Lewis

[Images Courtesy of Peppi Gel]

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