A Cyber Security Guide to Protect Your Instagram Account

We live in an era where creating our business, promoting our brand and services and building a community of industry professionals can all be done on a single app. Instagram certainly switched up the game for nail professionals, but securing your account is key. Accounts with a mass following are especially susceptible to hacking. We’ve created a guide sourced from professionals—and experience—to help prevent hacking and protect your social media page.

NAILPRO Instagram


Create a Strong Password

Use a combination of at least six numbers, letters and special symbols such as: !, &, @, $ and #.


Keep it Fresh

Don’t use the same password for Instagram as other accounts. We know this makes your life more difficult, but keep them organized and written down in a safe place. It will save you headache in the long run—trust us.


Switch it Up

Change your password often—even if it’s just switching a symbol, punctuation mark or capitalization.


Mind the Details

Distinguish spam emails sent from hackers fishing for private information and official Instagram security emails. When in doubt, don’t click suspicious links. If a link prompts you to enter both your email and password, the hacker could have access to seeing the characters typed. It’s always safer navigate through the official site.


Keep it on Lockdown

Turn on two-factor authentication, and use caution before authorizing a third-party app.


Log Out

Don’t check the “Remember Me” box when logging in from a shared public computer—always log out.

–by Angelina Lewis

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