Pedicure Recipe: “Tranquil Pedi”

Lavender Pedicure

This soothing service from Naturally Chic Nails in Chicago, IL combines healing treatments and lavender scents to create the ultimate spa experience. To enhance the service even more, set up a spa-like atmosphere with calming music and candles, and offer clients lemon water or tea.

1. Add 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt mixed with baking soda, 1 to 2 drops of lavender essential oil and a splash of vinegar to warm water. Allow client’s feet to soak for 5 minutes.

2. Next, shape the nails, perform cuticle maintenance and pumice the feet.

3. Apply a lavender-scented sugar scrub to the legs and feet. Gently massage the scrub in small circles to exfoliate the skin, then rinse with warm water.

4. Next, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to an unscented oil and apply tothe feet. Then, wrap each foot with a warm towel to allow the oil to absorb into the skin.

5. Finally, clean the nail plates and apply polish. After letting the polish dry for a few minutes, perform 20 minutes of reflexology to finish the service.

[Image: Flickr via Andrea_44]

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