5 Keys to Productive Employees

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You offer commissions, give Christmas bonuses, run sales contests – whatever it takes to keep your staff motivated. However, according to Managing People: A Practical Guide by Byron Lane, you’re probably sabotaging your desired outcome and creating a never-ending cycle of required largesse, all for a reliably average performance. The true impetus for an employee’s motivation is internal, and it’s this internal mechanism that must be addressed. So what can you do to guarantee productive employees? Start with these five tips:

1. Expect more. Managers with high expectations usually have high-performing employees. However, set goals within reach.

2. Foster a family feeling. A sense of family helps staff members feel comfortable, committed, and willing to help each other.

3. Believe in them. Managers who have faith in their employees stimulate feeling of self-worth and pride that translate to higher levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

4. Put the ball in their court. Insist that your employees offer their input when you set company goals, design marketing plans and organize operations. This feeds feelings of involvement and, in turn, commitment to the business.

5. Ease up. Lessen the number of rules your staff works under. Focus on creating a low-stress work environment.

Following these simply guidelines will allow your employees to foster their own enthusiasm and reward you with the hard work and commitment that true motivation inspires.


-Jodi Mills, Amy E. Hamaker, Kendra Kozen

[Image: SLM Photography]

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