3 Mental Toughness Tips for Nail Salon Owners

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Running a nail salon can be compared to running a track race. You are always trying to gain new clients and  increase profits while battling any obstacle that comes your way! Try these tips to stay strong:

1. Let things go. Maybe last year you added a new product line to your retail area that didn’t sell as well as you hoped or hired an employee who didn’t perform up to par. Everybody fails – learn from your past mistakes so that you don’t repeat them. Then let them go, focus on what you need to do now to be successful, and move on. Think energizing, optimistic thoughts, such as how good it feels when clients compliment your salon. Hire positive people who enhance your salon’s fun atmosphere. Always smile and be friendly.

2. Be consistent. Always strive to do your best. Focus on the present moment or current situation, not what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. When you’re dealing with a packed salon, each person should receive your full attention and best service – not just the first one who walked in the door.

3. Use rituals. Champions have rituals that they perform every time they compete to help them relax and mentally prepare for what’s ahead. Determine your own championship rituals that energize and relax you. Take some time each day to quietly read or meditate, or stop for coffee each morning before going to your salon. Do whatever you need to pump up for the day ahead. Stay focused on how much you enjoy being in the nail industry. When you become busy, think about why you opened your salon in the first place and focus on the rewards that will come as a result of a successful season. If by the end of each day you know that you did your best to give your clients great services that make them feel good, you have a reason to be proud.

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Keep at it!


Tips from Leif H. Smith (www.personalbestconsulting.com)

[Images: Eckhard Pecher via Wikimedia Commons, GIF: Photos made by Eadweard Muybridge, animation by User Waugsberg]

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