7 Easy (and Cheap!) Salon Redesign Tips


7 Easy (and Cheap!) Salon Redesign Tips

Nails are all about beauty and image – and your salon needs to represent that. The moment a client walks in, the type of  décor, color, and furniture will give her an impression of your salon and work as a whole, whether that be right or wrong. Make sure you’re following these tips for giving your place a refined look on  budget!

A few tips:

  • An attractive entrance is essential. Since it’s the first thing that clients see, it determines how clients first feel about your salon. Adding a real front desk with an attractive sign instantly makes the place feel more professional.
  • Have a place where clients can relax before appointments. Make sure this space is comfortable and clean. A simple brightly patterned rug can make even plain chairs look less like a doctor’s office. A worn out leather sofa (especially those patched with duct tape!) will need to go.
  • Use colors to either calm or excite patrons. What sort of energy do you want your salon to have? To promote excitement, creativity, and artistry, think bright pinks and oranges. If your mission is relaxation, muted or dark colors with soft lighting can evoke tranquility.
  • Consider adding flowers! Potted flowering plants make a closed space look more open, fresh, and clean – provided you care for them properly.
  • Make sure your towels are clean. It seems obvious to some, trivial to others. Nevertheless, your clients do see the towels you use and if you use towels stained with products, you hurt your business’ appearance. Relegate stained towels to behind-the-scenes cleanup, take them home to use as cleaning rags, or just toss them out.
  • Keep paint fresh. It’s one of the easiest things to change, and has the biggest impact. If you walls are discolored, chipped, or dingy, a fresh coat of paint will make the place look new.
  • Change your retail shelving. Since this is usually in the front, make sure it looks inviting. Choose a display that makes it easy for clients to pick up products and check them out. Lots of colorful bottles on display in an attractive manner can also up your design points!

Happy redecorating!
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