3 Keys to Attracting Men to Your Salon

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Let’s face it: most men could use a good pedicure. And manicure. Though often unwilling to admit it, they need your expertise. And while men have been attending nail salons more and more, they might require a little extra to finally feel at home. Here are three ways that you can cater to the other half.

1. Add Just a Dash of Testosterone: Men can be easily intimidated by a salon if it is too feminine. But you don’t need to start incorporating power tools or carburetors into your decor. Just be sure to limit the number of floral arrangements and loud colors. Try sticking to decorations that are more earthy or modern that won’t scare men away, but still look polished and pretty.  

2. Scheduling: Anyone who has taken a man shopping knows that they expect such outings to go quickly. The same goes for their salon visit: they come with a mission. To help cater to this, it is best to schedule a male client on a less busy day of the week, like a Monday or Tuesday. This can help quicken the length of their service and make them happier with their overall visit.

3. Advertisement: The best way to get a man into a salon is through his girlfriend or wife. Make fliers advertising male mani-pedis to send home with your female clients. Show big sporting events, even if only on certain days, and advertise it. A man’s girlfriend or wife could promote the changes that she has seen around the salon, which could encourage him to try it out.

Happy Man-icuring!

–Nick Halaby

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