Don’t Let Drama Get You Down – 5 Tips to Get Rid of Gossip in Your Salon

380Working with a group of creative ladies (and even men!) can be tough, especially when The Real Housewives is the best example of behavior some women have in their lives. Even the best salons can be torn apart by the lure of gossip. Take these tips to ditch your salon’s drama or avoid it from ever happening. 

1. Establish a written policy against bad behaviors in the workplace. When technicians know what the expectations are, it is not as easy to slide into a routine of never-ending negativity.

2. However, rules mean nothing unless they are enforced. Owners and managers need to establish and follow through with consequences for those who go against the salon’s policies. If problems aren’t resolved right away, they can spread throughout the salon.

3. Don’t be defeated. If the problem (for whatever reason) is bigger than a good leader can handle, it is imperative to either direct that person towards professional help, a leave of absence, or permanent termination. Don’t let a salon be dragged down due to the unsolved issues of others.

4. Learn to walk away. It takes two to gossip, so when a technician starts being negative, find a way to excuse yourself from the conversation. If that person has no one to listen to his or her drama, it cannot propagate through the salon.  

5. Use “I” instead of “you.” Beginning a sentence with “you” sounds like criticism, even if you don’t mean it to seem that way. For instance, rather than saying, “You are always treating me disrespectfully,” try something like, “I feel hurt when you say that I am not handling my business the right way.” That way, the person understands where you are coming from without feeling condemned. 

It’s always better to focus on yourself and what you need to do to make your services better. Rather than playing into the petty games of others, be the good role model for the team. There are often hidden and unexpected rewards for those who do the right thing.

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