The Real Difference Between UV and LED

Uv Led SmallHave you been wondering whether to use UV or LED lamps in your salon?  One isn’t wholly better than the other, but here are the pros and cons of both.  

1. LED lamps only cure LED compatible products.  UV cures all of them.  

2. With an LED lamp, you can cure clients’ nails up to three times faster!  (10-30 seconds for LEDs, 30-60 seconds for UV lamps).  

3. LED lamps use less energy and thus are more environment-friendly.  Plus, their bulbs don’t need to be replaced.  Rather, the whole unit is replaced when the lamp burns out (LED lamps usually last about seven years).  UV bulbs need to be changed every six to twelve months.

4. Currently, LED is more costly.  However, the price is expected to come down soon, as UV lamp prices did after their introduction.

5. LED lights tend to take up less space on the counter but smaller is not necessarily better.  Any lamp you choose needs to fit all five fingers and toes at one time.  
Whether you go with UV or LED, remember to look for a lamp made of durable metal.  Still can’t decide?  It might be best to have both kinds of lamps in your salons – to cater to all types of customers and products.  

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