Increase Your Productivity and Keep Clients Coming Back

SmalltimerThey say time is money, but the best way to increase sales is not simply trying to jam clients in and out the door as fast as possible. Clients are much more likely to return if they are impressed with the quality services you provide. That is not to say that you should work painfully slow either. Instead, strive for productivity without sacrificing the beautiful work you produce.

One way to boost productivity is to work with a timer. Timing yourself makes you aware of the minutes you might be wasting on steps that aren’t truly necessary, like an excessive amount of filing. Cutting out those steps will not only save you time, will make your client appreciative for the faster service.

Another easy way to make your work more efficient is to become an expert at talking and working simultaneously. Though it might be a challenge at first to carry on a conversation without eye contact, it permits you to maintain a relationship with the client without wasting valuable time.

In the end, it is essential to practice. Practicing your work will enable you to improve and allow you to achieve the same fabulous look in a smaller amount of time, allowing you, your clients, and your salon all to be a little more productive.

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