Nail PRODUCTS: Massage Lotions

MasssagewebProviding memorable manicure massages are in your best interest since they often increase client return, spur ideas for themed services (“Mani, Martini and Massage”), and are great add-on services that increase blood circulation, moisturize the skin and are chock-full of anti-aging benefits. A good manicure massage can make the difference between a client feeling truly attended to and “just another manicure.” Clients—the good and the bad—want to feel special and the individual attention they experience when given a proper massage with their manicure, can be what distinguishes you from the less expensive salon down the street. In the end, most clients will pay a little extra to get a lot more out of their treatment. And the potion, or lotion rather, you choose to perform these indulgences with is important.
So, in addition to the massage products shown in the January 2012 issue’s Kneading to Know, we wanted to share a few more options for you to consider.

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