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101516304Known to her beloved clients as “The Naja,” Naja Rickette was once “pushed into deep water” and decided rather than sinking, she’d swim—into the hearts of faithful followers, celebrities, and the elite fashion scene, setting herself apart and becoming one of the most sought after celebrity nail stylists, salon owners and educators in the industry. She also co-hosts Nail Talk Radio with industry leader Athena Elliott. Naja Rickette divulges NAILPRO on how she did it .

The perfect location unexpectedly opening up for Rickette’s salon, Extremedys Hand & Foot Spa,
and a chance meeting with the owners of Minx, helped build Rickette’s destiny. These two key elements launched her salon as the first to offer Minx nails. Rickette admits, “going out on my own was scary. I started my salon with $300 and furniture borrowed from friends.” She goes on to explain that if you want more control of your time and schedule and have the desire to boost your career without being locked into the salon hours, you must put in the hard work. “I mean really hard, super long hours, no social life and rare moments of sleep is what it takes to lay down the foundation of any business,” recalls Rickette. She did a lot of free or low-pay work in the beginning to make connections with photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists in order to get her A-list clients like Lady Gaga, Fergie, Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige.

“Plan your work and work your plan. No one will make your career for you EXCEPT you. Make an intention and go with your full heart into it,” Rickett exclaims. NAILPRO couldn’t agree more! Her determination, talent and success provide inspiration for us all.

Here’s some more advice from Rickette and other techs to get you started:
• Attend trade shows
• Read nail trade magazines
• Listen and follow Nail Talk Radio
• Conduct yourself professionally, always
• Never burn bridges
• Take risks
• Find your niche
• Enhance the part of your job that you love

—Megan James

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