Raising Eyebrows – A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets it Right

Tweezerman WebDal LaMagna, founder of Tweezerman, has been Raising Eyebrows for over 30 years.

Dal tells the story of his rise in the beauty industry in his new book Raising Eyebrows—A Failed Entrepreneur Finally Gets it Right, starting with one tweezers and building it into Tweezerman, the beloved beauty tool line of beauty professionals worldwide.

Starting with his many failed ventures in business, Dal shows us how he used each lesson learned to build Tweezerman into a multi-million dollar socially responsible company. Dal LaMagna’s story is full of honesty and humor; no sugarcoating from the “Tweezerman” as usual.

Fans of Tweezerman will enjoy reading how the inventor of their favorite SLANT tweezers started out, succeeded and continues to put his principles to work today.

You can buy the book at www.reelubooks.com or for more information visit www.dallamagna.com.

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