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Photo Credit: Red Carpet Manicure

While everyone else is talking about the models and the extravagant wings spotted during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris, we’re zooming in on the sparkly tips and putting the spotlight at the nail pro’s that made it happen.

Photo Credit: Red Carpet Manicure

The nail team led by celeb manicurist Elle, included Gina Silvestro, Lisa Cotnoir, Ami McClure, Jessica Scarff, Shanna Rix, Traci Dungan, Yuriko Hoshina, Kaitlyn Shields, Katy Rose and Stephanie Staunton.

Photo Credit: Red Carpet Manicure

This year, the show also had its first ever nail sponsor, Red Carpet Manicure. After working with Victoria’s Secret for more than 14 years, Elle says she wanted to collaborate with a gel polish brand she trusts.

Photo Credit: Red Carpet Manicure

Here’s look at the hard work executed to create the fashionable fingernails by the numbers:

  • 10 nail pros
  • 51 supermodels
  • 100 bottles of RCM gel polish in Candid Momnet and Silk Slip
  • 50 bottles of RCM Structure, Gel Base Coat and Brilliance Gel Top Coat
  • 10 RCM Pro Salon 5/30 second LED lamps
  • 300 RCM Nail Files & Buffers
  • 8,400 swarovski crystals (!!)

Read more about the inspiration behind the exclusive nail looks.

[Images: Courtesy of Red Carpet Manicures]

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