Technique: How to Mix Custom Gel Colors

Pink Gel

Working with colors requires a little planning. Buy a color wheel and familiarize yourself with the appropriate color combinations needed to blend the colors your clients desire. Be aware that adjacent colors on the wheel tend to blend well, while colors opposite each other cancel out each other, often resulting in muddy browns or grays.

Some techs mix very small quantities of color gel during the service, but if you wish to recreate certain colors, you should establish a system for measuring and recording your favorite color recipes.

Check your local restaurant supply store to find measuring spoons designed for very small quantities. For some added fun, allow your clients to name their favorite custom colors.

Tip for working with additives: The finer the additive’s grain, the smoother the cured gel’s surface will be.

Or try special effects! Enhancement additives bring dimension and beauty to color gels. Everything from glitters to Mylar shapes to finely ground shimmer powders works well with this medium.

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