Lecenté Launches Gift Wrapped Collection

The Lecenté Gift Wrapped Collection
The Lecenté Gift Wrapped Collection
Images courtesy of Lecenté

Lecenté's Gift Wrapped collection has arrived just in time for the festive season! 

The Lecenté Gift Wrapped Collection comprises eight glitter gels, four glitters, three flakes and three foils, all in new holiday shades. 

The collection is named after the new glitter gel shade Gift Wrapped, the perfect sparkly green for party season.

Glitter Gels

New glitter gel polish shades in the Lecenté Gift Wrapped collectionNew glitter gel polish shades in the Lecenté Gift Wrapped collection

New glitter gel shades in the Gift Wrapped collection include: 

  • Bauble - Metallic rose gold gel polish
  • Fairy Lights -  Multicolored glitter in clear gel polish
  • Gift Wrapped - Dark teal glitter gel with shimmery deep green-blues
  • Halo - Bold silver metallic gel polish with a shimmer finish
  • Mistletoe - Olive-green glitter gel with gorgeous golden undertones
  • Puddin’ - Sweet golden treacle brown glitter gel polish
  • Sleigh All Day - Rose-pink glitter gel polish
  • Sugar ‘n’ Spice - Rich cranberry red with pink glitter shimmer


These holographic glitters in wonderful Christmas shades have extra sparkle, and the multi-sized pieces make them really stand out!

  • Foxtrot - Warm orange-red glitter featuring orange, blue and silver shades
  • Mambo - Pink-purple glitter with pink, purples and black hues
  • Waltz - Glitzy holographic glitter with black, silver and purple tones
  • Samba - Pink-gold glitter with flakes of red and purple throughout


These new super-fine iridescent flake colors change appearance over light and dark gel polishes.

  • Supernova - Subtle purple/pink (light gels); bold, bright orange/green (dark gels) 
  • Magic -  Subtle purple/pink (light gels); bold, bright green (dark gels) 
  • Timebomb -  Subtle blue/purple (light gels); bright pink/orange (dark gels)


Nothing says cozy more than tartan. The collection includes the following four new sweater-weather foils perfect for Christmas nail art. 

  • Spellbound - Traditional festive red tartan 
  • Darkest Night - Black tartan with red accents.
  • Milan - Cream tartan with red, black and white stripes
  • Rio - Red and black diagonal tartan with a transparent base

The Lecenté Gift Wrapped Collection is available now. 

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