The GelBottle Inc. Launches House of TGB

House of TGB, fall 2022 collection
House of TGB, fall 2022 collection
Courtesy of The GelBottle Inc.

The GelBottle Inc. has launched House of TGB.

House of TGB features 10 shades that are bold, timeless and inspired by the glamour of high fashion.

  • Atelier: a retro-futuristic burnt orange.
  • Iconic: a silky scarlet red. 
  • Signature: an inky sapphire blue. 
  • Vintage: a dark brown base infused with copper.
  • Dolce: a textured stone with black flakes. 
  • Legacy: a warm mustard green.
  • Monogram: a warm brown with yellow undertones. 
  • Spotlight:a cool-toned lilac light-up glitter.
  • Boutique: a cool-toned lilac.
  • Amber: a glass-effect orange.
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