KUPA Inc. Releases EnrichRx

KUPA EnrichRx Shades
KUPA EnrichRx Shades
Courtesy of KUPA Inc.

KUPA Inc. has recently added to its gel line with KUPA EnrichRx

KUPA EnrichRx is a UV/LED-cured builder gel that comes in a bottle and can be used to sculpt or add strength to natural nails. This builder gel contains a collagen and vitamin E-infused formula.

EnrichRx comes in five shades:

  • Perfect Peach
  • Nude Pink
  • Soft Pink
  • Sheer White
  • Ultra Clear

To apply EnrichRx:

  • Prep and apply a base coat to the nails.
  • Brush on a thin coat of the gel, and cure for 30 seconds in a MANIPro Glo Lamp.
  • For nails with additional length, apply two more coats of EnrichRx to build strength and apex.

EnrichRx can be removed using a MANIPro Passport to reduce bulk down to 90-95% and then soaked off with acetone for 15-20 minutes.

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