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For the longest time, the beauty industry has used the term ‘nude’ not in relation to one’s skin tone, but rather to represent one color: think beige, neutral, natural, etc. Looking through the display shelves of many nail salons, one inevitably sees numerous missed opportunities to cater to darker complexions which can be complemented with more pigmented colors and hues. In the past few years, a lot of brands have been doing more to challenge the status quo and truly serve all women of all cultures. Fenty Beauty and Milk are some of the examples of this disruption, and there are many more that followed. The GelBottle Founder, Daisy Kalnina, created the Nu Nudes collection with a similar goal in mind: to release a more inclusive and diverse color range that truly reaches everyone from the lightest to the darkest skin.

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Daisy explains:

“I set up The GelBottle Inc. with inclusivity and equality at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our Nu Nudes collection means the world to me. I know that not one nude fits all, and I hope this range will be enjoyed by everyone as much as I enjoyed creating it.”

The Nu Nudes collection by The GelBottle came on the scene in 2020 and has already become one of our bestselling creations. Consisting of six gorgeous new shades to accompany six existing colors, this collection brings together colors like creamy Vanilla and smooth Caramel as well as our syrupy and rich Mocha. Even though our plan to have a photoshoot with a stunning lineup of models to truly showcase these shades on different skin tones was disrupted by COVID-19, our Brand Ambassadors and the extended TGB family came to the rescue. We were able to supply a number of them with the collection to do some of their own “at-home modeling” for us. We then shared their beautiful and real-life shots on our social media pages. We were very proud to have had the opportunity to truly and authentically market our brand through the help of our diverse follower base. 

(Left: @jasminecorinna_mua wearing Caramel, Right: @_arjenesisnails wearing Mocha)(Left: @jasminecorinna_mua wearing Caramel, Right: @_arjenesisnails wearing Mocha)

Today, TGB Nu Nudes can be found at salons across the globe. Creating this collection has been a transforming experience for us. Our quest to carve a new path in the industry does not stop here. When we’re not sending our collections into space or creating for the under-represented skin tones, we’re working tirelessly to continue to bring diversity, innovation and the highest level of quality to the nail industry.

For a limited time only complete the form at the top of the page to receive a gift voucher to use towards your own Nu Nudes collection and other TGB products. 


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