Creating the July 2018 Cover of NAILPRO Magazine with CND


NP_07_2018_COVER_ 348july cover

If you’ve ever drooled over some of the awe-inspiring nail work that’s come out of New York Fashion Week, then you’re no doubt familiar with dynamic duo Shelena Robinson and Heather Reynosa. The pair of CND education ambassadors take an almost scientific approach to nail design artistry: They weigh the length of the nail bed; measure the influence of the design across all 10 nails; and think about color, composition and style before diving in. To create our cover look, the pros started by extending the model’s already glorious nail plates with acrylic just for some added length. Then, they utilized the brand-new addition to the CND product family: Shellac Luxe. The newest iteration is a two-step system (no base coat needed!) that provides not only luminous shine and 60-second removal (what?!), but it can also be used to create nail art—as seen in the 3-D pebble design running the length of a few tips. From the hot pink hue to the various art techniques (loving the sugared white accents), Reynosa and Robinson proved to be true creative masters. But if you think that means behind-the-scenes was all business, think again. These artists were all smiles and big laughs, from their music selection (’90s rap, anyone?) to their interview (which had the entire crew in hysterics)—a winning combination for this summer cover for sure.


Be sure to pick up your copy of the July 2018 issue if NAILPRO or view the digital edition here.

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