NCLA+Disney Bring You Nail Art Worthy of Your Dreams…Or Nightmares

NCLA + Disney

Not that you needed enough reason to have Disney nail art, Los Angeles polish brand NCLA has collaborated with Disney to bring you nail art that features your favorite Disney films and is just evil enough for your Halloween nail art! The collection launched on September 26th and features 8 nail wrap kits at $18.00 each from Disney films and is available exclusively at Take a look at the entire collection below!


NCLA-DISNEY-INSTA-08Snow White, “Someday”


3227058370534-1disney nail wraps


“While waiting for your prince to come there is no way he will be able to miss your “Someday” nail wraps. The exciting pops of Snow White’s iconic colors yellow, red, and blue all tie together in a pop-art design.”


NCLA-DISNEY-INSTA-05disney nail wraps

3227058370531-1disney nail wraps

Believe in Evil

“Mirror Mirror on the wall whose the fairest of them all? Well you will be without a doubt while wearing “Believe in Evil.” Talk a walk on the evil side sporting the deep hues of blue, green, and black.”

3227058370535-2disney nail wraps

3227058370535-1disney nail wraps

Beauty Rest

“Aurora showed us that sometimes their is a thing as too much “Beauty Rest.” Although, the Beauty Rest nail wraps are saying other wise. The baby pinks combined with Sleeping Beauty’s signature sparkles and roses are perfect to let your inner princess shine.”

3227058370536-2disney nail wraps

3227058370536-1disney nail wraps

Full Time Floatin’

“Full Time Floatin’ is inspired by Ariel’s signature look, her teal tail and purple shell bikini top. Oh we couldn’t forget King Triton’s sword either!”

3227058370532-2disney nail wrap

3227058370532-1disney nail wraps

Body Language

“Make sure you are not a poor unfortunate soul this fall, and miss out on Ursula’s “Body Language” nail wraps. The violet ombré effect represent the deeper you get once you dive into the sea.”

3227058370533-2disney nail wrap

3227058370533-1disney nail wrap

Dalmatian Nation

“A dalmatian has its signature black and while spots which make them oh so adorable. Bring the cuteness to your nails matched the the signature red that will really make your manicure pop!”

3227058370530-2disney nail wrap

3227058370530-1disney nail wraps

Live in the Shadows

“Just the sight of Maleficent can send chills down someone’s spine. From her horns to her flames the “Live in the Shadows” capture the bad to the bone villain incorporating her two favorite colors neon green and violet.”

3227058370529-2Disney Nail Wraps

3227058370529-1disney nail wraps

De Vil Did It

“Cruella De Vil is no walk in the park, so why would her nails be? The sassy zebra print paired with a red ombré is definitely villainess approved.”

Which look is your favorite? (Or are you like us and want to try them all?) Let us know in the comments below!

–Dina Ciccarelli

[Images and Quotes Courtesy of NCLA]

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