Create A Magical Salon Experience With These Brushes

The unicorn trend has officially made its claim to the beauty industry as more and more of the mythical creature-themed products come into light. To be quite honest, we’re not entirely sure why it didn’t come earlier. We sure aren’t complaining now, especially not when Profile Backstage just released a three-piece set of unicorn brushes.

This Magical Unicorn Brush set includes a small “mini-bling” brush that’s perfect for detail work with glitter, pigments or marbleizing, a medium brush for glitter application on gels, and a large brush to remove any excess glitter, pigment or chrome powders before applying the top coat.

These brushes are available in a set for $17.95 or as individuals.


What do you think of these magical brushes? They’re sure to brighten up your salon space!

[Image: Profile Backstage]

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