Caption Polish Channels Mother Nature With Resort 2017 Collection


There’s a change in spirit when spring makes its way into the weather, bringing sun, warm temperatures and renewed foliage. Taking such a spirit, Young Nails Caption Polish makes the invisible visible for the Resort 2017 collection. 

Capturing that moment when the veil of night lifts and a pinpoint of sunlight blooms across the sky, the colors of Caption’s collection resemble the ethereal hues seen during the break of dawn. What results is a feeling of enchantment, leading to infinite possibilities.

Included in the collection:

Star And Stripes Step 3

Better Left Unsaid – Hazy dove gray

Shooting Star Step 4

Happy Disaster – Pale lavender

Snap Crackle Pop Step5

Me First – Bright Lilac

Ants Go Marching Step 4 1

Spring Forward – Shaded green

 How will you wear these colors for the season? Let us know in the comments below!

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[Images: Courtesy of Caption Polish]

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