VIDEO: How To Use SuperNail ProDip System

Odorless and lightweight, the SuperNail ProDip System makes it simple to create a lasting manicure. Plus, the collection features 30 colored powders.

By Dana Loth 

prodip system

Learn to effortlessly create natural looking nails with odorless and lightweight products. The SuperNail ProDip System makes it simple to create a lasting manicure that does require sculpting skill and minimal filing. The SuperNail ProDip System collection features 30 colored powders including glitters. 

                                      prodip system                 prodip system

Follow the steps below to learn how to use the collection of products to create a spring-forward glitter fade nail art design.

prodip system

Step 1 Prep the nail for a dip systems enhancement. Apply ProDip Prep.

prodip system

Step 2 Apply ProDip Base to the lower half of the nail.  Then, dip the nail into a Disposable Dipping Tray filled with Clear Dip Powder.

prodip system

Step 3 Apply ProDip Base to most of the nail and dip the nail into Cherry Blossom Dip Powder.

prodip system

Step 4 Apply ProDip Base to the entire nail. Sprinkle Cherry Blossom at the free edge. Then, use a loose brush to apply a smaller amount of Cherry Blossom at the center of the nail. Then apply New Year Sparkles Dip Powder at the base of the nail to create an effortless glitter fade design.

prodip system

Step 5 Brush away excess powder. Apply ProDip Base and dip the nail in Clear Dip Powder. Next, apply ProDip Base followed by ProDip Activator. Then, file and buff the nail, moving toward the center to smooth any rough edges.

prodip system

Step 6 Apply ProDip Activator and allow at least one minute for the nail to dry. Wipe, and apply ProDip Finish Gel to the upper half of the nail, avoiding the sidewalls. Then, apply a second coat of ProDip Finish Gel to the entire nail and let it dry for two minutes to complete the glittery look. 

Watch the video below to see this step-by-step in action.

For more information about SuperNail ProDip System, visit here.

[Images: nails: Michael Chase Gordon, products: SuperNail]

This article was first published in the February 2017 issue of NAILPRO.

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