Switch Out Your Regular Pedicure Spacers for These…


Never again do you have to wrap toes in paper towels or use bulky toe separators that do not allow toes to move freely. Dip Into Pretty just launched individual silicone pedi-spacers. They come in a variety of cute designs and are perfect to add as an upgrade to a regular pedicure service.

Creator, Kat De Haen always loved pedicures, but was frustrated by the restrictive nature of traditional toe separators. In turn she developed these individual spacers as a playful way to enjoy her pedicures, but not look silly when she walked out of the salon. Shares Haen, “I developed the pedi-spacers as a way to incorporate my love of fashion and innovative design. Women should enjoy the entire pedicure experience, and not only the final result.”


Available in a variety of designs—from decorative gems to delicious donuts—each set of Dip Into Pretty pedi-spaces includes a travel bag to carry to and from the salon – so clients can bring them in next time they come to you!


Images: Dip Into Pretty

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