Nail News: OPI ColorPaints

Opi Colorpaints

The big new thing that’s about to change your whole summer? OPI ColorPaints. And no, this isn’t just another set of brightly colored nail lacquers. ColorPaints are semi-translucent blendable lacquers that encourage you to mix and layer colors for cool multi-dimensional effects.


Different that the OPI Sheer Tints (which were very lightly pigmented top coats), these are a little more opaque – like a semi-transparent crème. The full set includes a silver metallic hue which can be laid down under any ColorPaints color to instantly transform it from a sheer solid color to a neon metallic.  Or try laying down your silver base and then adding stripes of each color at random over top.


The possibilities are endless – and these may just be even more fun combined with Sheer Tints, traditional OPI lacquer, and glitter.


These lovelies arrive in stores May 1 – so let the nail art games begin then!


[Images: OPI]

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